Survey of patrolling algorithms for surveillance UGVs


  • David A Anisi
  • Johan Thunberg

Publish date: 2007-06-15

Report number: FOI-R--2266--SE

Pages: 58

Written in: English


  • autonomy
  • cooperative
  • surveillance
  • security
  • path planning
  • task assignment
  • UGV


This survey centers around the Cooperative Task Assignment and Path Planning problem, denoted C- TAPP. A vast amount of applications from the surveillance and security field can be formulated as C- TAPP problems. The purpose of this survey is to give a comprehensive description of current research relevant to the C-TAPP problem, as well as forming a basis for future research. Initially, to set the stage for the subsequent discussions, two motivating examples taken from the domain of surveillance and security is presented and a more formal definition of the C-TAPP problem is given. Following that, a broad sampling of the research that is currently ongoing in this field is provided. Key features that are present in the overwhelming majority of the papers encountered in this survey are listed. Also, some important research aspects that have been largely untreated in the literature, are mentioned. A representative group of existing commercial systems are presented and their capabilities and shortcomings are discussed. In the last part of this survey, reviews of some individual papers can be found.