Survey of Positioning Algorithms for Surveillance UGVs


  • Ulrik Nilsson
  • Petter Ögren

Publish date: 2007-06-07

Report number: FOI-R--2268--SE

Pages: 42

Written in: English


  • Autonomy
  • cooperative
  • surveillance
  • path planning
  • task assignment
  • search
  • coverage
  • obstacle avoidance
  • UGV


This survey is focused on the so-called Camera Coverage Problem (CCP). The CCP is the problem of positioning a number of mobile surveillance cameras in an optimal fashion. The survey covers a number of papers in different fields of research. An overview of the field is provided, along with detailed accounts for problem formulations and proposed solutions in the different papers. The purpose of the survey is to give a comprehensive description of current research relevant to the CCP, as well as form a basis for future research.