3D-avbildande laserradar i statiska miljöer. Slutrapport 2005-2007


  • Tomas Chevalier
  • Christina Grönwall
  • Frank Gustafsson
  • Håkan Larsson
  • Dietmar Letalick
  • Ove Steinvall
  • Gustav Tolt

Publish date: 2008-01-07

Report number: FOI-R--2364--SE

Pages: 103

Written in: Swedish


  • 3-D laser
  • laser radar
  • active sensors
  • performance evaluation
  • technology status
  • signal processing
  • target recognition


This report is the final report for the project Target recognition with high resolution 3 D imaging laser radar, that has been active 2005-2007. The aim has been to support the Swedish Armed Forces with knowledge in the field of 3-D laser radar. The work has included following the international development status, participate in international co-operations, and by developing knowledge for FOI to continue to be an internatio-nally interesting partner in the field. This report contains descriptions of many interesting 3-D laser radar applications. It gives a picture of the international status, as well the technology and system status as the signal processing status. A picture of the commercial market is given as well. As a cen¬tral part of the project, the measurements activities 2005-2007 is also described. One goal with the project has been to perform a performance evaluation for some appli¬cations. Focus has been to reach a methodology that can be applied for other applications even after this project. This is reported together with some examples. The result from the project shows great potential for the sensor, as well for military applications as for civilian security applications. If you can exploit the sensor capacity, there are possibilities for range discrimination, robust recognition, daylight indepen-dence and high resolution surveillance, at long ranges. As well for military applications as for civilian security applications.

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