Slutrapport - dynamisk taktikanpassning TK/SAT


  • Peter Klum
  • Gustaf Olsson
  • Lars Berglund
  • Patrik Hermansson

Publish date: 2008-01-07

Report number: FOI-R--2374--SE

Pages: 64

Written in: Swedish


  • electronic warfare
  • EW
  • signature management technology
  • SMT
  • tactics
  • assessment
  • planning


This report documents the work that has been done in the project "Dynamic EW/LO Management", during the period 2006 to 2007. Included in the report are also results from the pre-study performed during 2005. The project ends 2007, which is one year earlier than scheduled from the start. The objective of the project has been to demonstrate software tools for single platforms and small military units. These software tools should support the commander, in the use of SMT (Signature management technology) and EW (Electronic Warfare), to increase the survivability. The purpose of the demonstrations has been to assess and to point out certain functionalities that are suitable for integration into the command and control system of a platform. The work has focused on land warfare in 2014. The report summarises thoughts, ideas and methods that have been generated within the project. Conclusions and recommendations from the project are: ?? EW and SMT are complement to each other and should be studied integrated. ?? EW and SMT should be regarded from a system perspective. ?? EW and SMT should be regarded from a tactical perspective. ?? Requirements for the dynamic properties of different platforms and actions must be set more distinct in order to allow Dynamic EW/LO management. The "state" model can be used for this purpose. ?? Models for evaluation of states and their corresponding times must be developed. ?? Measure and evaluation methods for trials and analysis where states and their corresponding times need to be developed in corporation with the Armed Forces. ?? The application of the "state" model for assessment of units should be studied. ?? The development of simplified models admitting both time efficient execution and relevant results are required to allow dynamic tactical adaptation. ?? Extended efforts of research in the area of dynamic tactical adaption should be made. ?? The users must actively participate in the development process to guarantee a suitable support design and confidence. ?? The possibility to implement parts of the developed methods in command and control systems should be explored.

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