Assessment of weapon effects and platform vulnerability - Final report for 2006-2007


  • Mats Hartmann

Publish date: 2008-02-01

Report number: FOI-R--2398--SE

Pages: 51

Written in: Swedish


  • vapenverkan
  • stridsdel
  • skydd
  • värdering
  • verkansvärdering
  • ammunition
  • initiering
  • IM
  • sekundärsplitter
  • holografi
  • risk
  • riskområde
  • riskanalys
  • plattform
  • människan
  • sårbarhet
  • brand
  • weapons effects
  • warhead
  • protection
  • assessment
  • lethality
  • vulnerability
  • munitions
  • initiation
  • holography
  • risk area
  • platform
  • human
  • fire
  • BAD
  • behind armour debris


This report summarizes the activities performed within the project "Assessment of weapon effects and survivability of platforms" during 2006 and 2007. The project goal was to increase the ability to perform assessments of weapons effects on primarily a platform level. Thanks to the datawhich has been collected, produced and reported by the project members, this ability has indeed increased during these two years. Despite this, there is still a need for more data. The activities of the project has been focused on how to model unintended initiation of stored munitions, how to measure properties of behind armour debris and on methods for risk analyses. The project has also been working within a number of other areas in addition to these focus areas, including accident investigations. Several activities have been useful in direct support to the Armed Forces and the Defence Material Administration. The competence of the project participants have also been used in other research projects for different types of assessments. The need of vulnerability,, lethality and risk assessment seems to increase continuously. These kinds of assessments are highly prioritised by the Armed Forces and gives, if used wisely, a very powerful contribution to the capabilities of the Armed Forces.