Adaptation to Climate Change in Risk and Vulnerability Analysis on a Municipal Level, a basisfor further work


  • Karin Mossberg Sonnek
  • Anna Lindberg
  • Johan Lindgren

Publish date: 2008-01-18

Report number: FOI-R--2412--SE

Pages: 95

Written in: Swedish


The aim of Risk and Vulnerability Analysis (RVA) at local authority level in Sweden is to increase the capacity of local authorities to handle crises and to reduce vulnerability in the community. RVA processes could be an appropriate starting-point for discussions on how the community is influenced by climate change and how its effects could be reduced using various adjusstment measures. In the report we present four methods: ROSA, MVA, IBERO and the Car Dun AB Method. These have all been developed to support Swedish local authority RVA processes. We also present five international frameworks that have been developed by the organisations UNDP, USAID, UKCIP, C-CIARN and CSIRO to help decision-makers and stakeholders to adapt to climate change. Together, these descriptions form a foundation for continuing he work being done within the project Climatools, in which tools are being produced to be used by local authorities in adapting to climate change. In the report, we also descuss the concepts "risk", "vulnerability" and "adaptation" and how analysis of adaptation to climate change has changed in recent years.