Russian Power Structures - Present and Future Roles in Russian Politics


  • Jan Leijonhielm
  • Fredrik Westerlund

Publish date: 2008-01-25

Report number: FOI-R--2437--SE

Pages: 197

Written in: English


  • Ryssland
  • inrikespolitik
  • säkerhetspolitik
  • utrikespolitik
  • ekonomi
  • kraftstrukturer
  • styrkestrukturer
  • kraftstrukturer
  • väpnade styrkor
  • militärreform
  • militärdoktrin
  • militärindustri
  • försvarsindustri
  • hälsa
  • Russia
  • Domestic Policy
  • Security Policy
  • Foreign Policy
  • Economy
  • Power Structures
  • Armed Forces
  • Military Reform
  • Military Doctrine
  • Military Industry
  • Defence Industry
  • Health


The report scrutinises the present and future roles of the Russian power structures in Russian politics and the functions that these power structures fill in Russia. Eight leading experts in various fields analyse different aspects of Russian power structures and their impact on Russian politics. The report is based on material from the conference "Russian Power Structures - Present and Future Roles in Russian Politics", which was organised by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) in cooperation with the Swedish Defence Commission and held in Stockholm on 17 October 2007. The report consists of papers presented of the conference and, reflecting the structure of the conference, the report consists of five parts: Russian Power Structures and Politics, The Military Agenda, Economy and Military Industry, Health Problems and a Summing up.