Manpower in Defence - International Comparisons


  • Peter Nordlund

Publish date: 2008-05-20

Report number: FOI-R--2453--SE

Pages: 99

Written in: Swedish


  • personnel
  • manpowers
  • officers
  • conscript
  • conscript system
  • compulsory military service
  • soldiers
  • civil employees
  • defence agencies
  • cost-efficiency
  • salaries wages
  • opportunity cost


This report contains discussions, analysis and international benchmarking in recruiting, training and using manpower resources. A suitable, cost-efficient manpower strategy is one of the most important conditions for a well functioning defence. Recruiting , training, manpower structure and costs are compared with other countries in order to specify differences, find ideas and/or indicate potential improvements for the Swedish defence within manpower solutions. The number of conscrips in training has gradually decreased during the last fifteen- twenty years. The general compulsory military service has become a selective but still compulsory, military service where only a little minority of the men undergoes training. The long-term planning of the Swedish Armed Forces has proposed a system based on voluntary recruitment and service where the compulsory recruitment and training is resting in peacetime. The proposal is being discussed and commented. The Swedish defence is, at present, not in economic balance. The planned activities of the Swedish defence cost more than the funding from the Government and the Parliament allows. The report give a short-list of proposals for actions in order to achieve an economic balance and "more defence for the money".