A survey of problems concerning storage and degradation of ammunition at out-of-area operations


  • Elisabeth Bemm

Publish date: 2008-03-31

Report number: FOI-R--2472--SE

Pages: 14

Written in: Swedish


  • ammunition
  • out-of-area operations
  • storage
  • degradation


During 2007 preparations for an EDA (European Defence Agency) collaboration project within the area of "Munition Life Management (MLM)" were initiated. Issues considered within the project are related to storage and degradation of ammunition at out-of-area operations (OAO). A number of European countries intend to participate in this collaboration, under the lead of the Netherlands. For the results from the project to be as beneficial as possible for persons working with ammunition at OAO, a survey of needs and wishes for the direction of the work has been performed in the form of personal interviews. A summary of the results from these interviews are presented in this report. In conclusion, sensoring of the environmental conditions for the ammunition was inquired as well as better support for being able to evaluating the status of the ammunition at storage and turn-back and better follow-up on analysis from impact on ammunition of the environmental stresses at OAO.