FOI Environmental Report 2007


  • Mats Ahlberg
  • Jan Johansson
  • Hans Jubrink
  • Ingvar Nedgård
  • Suzanne Rehn
  • Jan Sjöström
  • Rolf Tryman
  • Maria Elena Wulff

Publish date: 2008-03-11

Report number: FOI-R--2478--SE

Pages: 27

Written in: Swedish


  • environmental management systems
  • environmental impact assessment
  • environmental research


During 2007 FOI has considerably reduced its use of premises and laboratories. This has been done by adapting to reduced staff, reducing area per person and demolishing of buildings not in use. The actions have resulted in a decrease of energy consumption from 15 338 MWh 2006 till 14 601 MWh 2007. The total emissions of carbon dioxide from energy consumption and transports was 2 798 tonne. Of the environmental goals at FOI 15 are listed as connected to important environmental aspects. Eleven of these 15 goals have been totally fulfilled or more than half. The number of video meeting rooms has been increased and a total of 10 meeting rooms now exist at the five establishment stations of FOI. An internal audit of the environmental management systems has been performed at the division of Defence & Security, Systems and Technology. The total cost for environmental work at FOI during 2007 was SEK 1 682 000. Of this sum SEK 400 000 was the cost connected to remediation work at FOI´s premises in Grindsjön. During 2007 FOI has carried through 16 environmental research projects for the defence sector with a total income of SEK 19 M. The total income from environmental research carried out for the civil sector was SEK 19 M. Altogether the total income from environmental research summarizes to SEK 36 M.