Afrikanska Utmaningar - Perspektiv på FN:s, EU:s och AU:s säkerhetspolitiska arbete


  • Nima Damidez
  • Magnus Norell
  • Karl Sörenson

Publish date: 2008-03-28

Report number: FOI-R--2487--SE

Pages: 65

Written in: English


  • Afrika
  • politiskt våld
  • kontraterrorism
  • CT
  • internationella insatser
  • FN
  • EU
  • AU
  • AMU
  • IGAD
  • SADC
  • Africa
  • political violence
  • counter-terrorism
  • inernational peacekeeping


The purpose of this report is to provide Swedish ministries and governmental agencies with a basic overview concerning national and international organizations´capacity to counter terrorist threats in Africa. The report provides the reader with a summary of the security situation in North, West, Central, East Africa (including the Horn of Africa) and Southern Africa. The UN, EU and AU are the primary organizations dealt with in this report. However regional African organizations are also included in the report. The report also makes available statistics over UN increasing budget and undertakings on the African continent as a backdrop to the threats aimed at peacekeeping missions in Africa.