Internationell utveckling inom 3D-laserradarområdet


  • Ove Steinvall
  • Tomas Chevalier
  • Håkan Larsson
  • Dietmar Letalick

Publish date: 2008-11-04

Report number: FOI-R--2572--SE

Pages: 68

Written in: Swedish


  • 3D
  • laser radar
  • laser
  • ladar
  • technology status


This report describes the international status of the development of 3D laser radar sys-tems. It focuses on hardware, even though a small section is dedicated to signal process-ing. Mainly the report describes work performed at the research laboratories, but in some cases commercially available systems are described. Applications for the defense and security is discussed, where 3D laser radar gives an increased ability. The report also contains a discussion of pros and cons of different sys-tem designs. The first chapter of the report contains an executive summary.

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