Principles and methods for systems development


  • Niklas Hallberg
  • Sofie Pilemalm
  • Lars Westerdahl
  • Erland Jugnert
  • Henrik Eriksson
  • Lina Andersson
  • Fredrik Lindmark

Publish date: 2009-01-08

Report number: FOI-R--2628--SE

Pages: 64

Written in: Swedish


  • Systems development
  • Concepts
  • Development process
  • Development
  • principles
  • Development methods.


To develop command and control systems is a complex activity, which is cost consuming, and in many cases do not lead to results that answer to established expectations. In order to arrive at more useful command and control systems at a lower cost, the Swedish Defence (FM) and FMV in collaboration with among others FOI, initiated the work to develop new forms to develop and acquire command and control systems. Several studies demonstrate that there are several areas within FM command and control systems development that can be developed. At the same time the "established truths" in general systems development still apply and must be taken into account when introducing new approaches to development. Examples of those are user participation, to performed an adequate requirements engineering, use of a well-established systems development approach This report describes a number of concepts, principles and methods to systems development, which must considered when FM and FMV goes over to model based development.