Methodology for vulnerability assessments of camps


  • Pernilla Magnusson
  • Mats Hartmann

Publish date: 2009-01-08

Report number: FOI-R--2673--SE

Pages: 30

Written in: Swedish


  • camp
  • protection
  • fragments
  • IED
  • IM
  • assessment
  • effects
  • survivability
  • vulnerability
  • lethality


A methodology for the vulnerability assessments of a camp area has been derived on commission from the Swedish Armed Forces. The proposed methodology consists of a work procedure which describes how one can assess the vulnerability of single objects and a complete camp with it's vital functions represented. The methodology has been used in an exemplifying assessment and has proven to work as intended. A number of unique difficulties arise during a camp assessment that are not as important in the assessment of a single platform. These problems are for example which aim point should the aggressors' weapons be given and which results should be presented. It is easy to calculate the number of injured/incapacitated soldiers or objects of different types, but these numbers should also be used to state the force's ability to conduct the types of missions they are at place to conduct. When the results are presented like this, the camp is part of the force's support system and not only a place to live and sleep in. In order to make assessments of camps possible in a rational way, the tools used needs further development and a library of unitary objects that can be present on a camp needs to be crated and maintained.