Validering av SLB: resultat från LTA-övning vecka 805-806


  • Pär-Anders Albinsson
  • Mirko Thorstensson
  • Magnus Bender

Publish date: 2009-01-08

Report number: FOI-R--2676--SE

Pages: 59

Written in: Swedish


  • SLB
  • LTA
  • validation


The command and control support system SLB was used for a two-week exercise in the TCTC (tactical command training center) in Skövde. During the exercise, the SLB users regularly answered questionnaires and observers collected user comments and notes. SLB was used by a battalion staff and subordinate companies in a realistic scenario, involving typical situations for which SLB is aiming to support. This report summarizes the questionnaire answers and the observation protocols resulting from the exercise. In its current state, the users did not perceive that SLB reached their needs. However, many of the users stated they believe the identified problems can be solved and SLB thereby fulfill the needs. Most of the technical problems that arose are already resolved in newer versions of SLB.