The Joint Africa-EU Strategy - A Study of the Peace and Security Partnership


  • Camilla Elowson

Publish date: 2009-04-15

Report number: FOI-R--2736--SE

Pages: 97

Written in: English


  • Joint Africa-EU Strategy
  • Peace & Security
  • Peace Support Operations
  • Peace Operations
  • EU Presidency
  • African Peace & Security


This report examines the Peace and Security partnership of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy. The report, commissioned by the Ministry of Defence, is divided into two distinct parts. The first part aims at introducing the reader to the partnership, by providing a factual overview of its contents, its context and its current status. A point of departure for the partnership is the Peace and Security Action Plan, and specifically its three Priority Actions: 1. Enhancing dialogue on challenges to peace and security 2. Full operationalisation of the African Peace and Security Architecture 3. Predictable funding for African-led peace support operations. The second part of the report analyses some key initiatives under the Peace and Security Action Plan: the Amani Africa initiative and the support to African Training Centres, as well as the efforts to establish mechanisms for funding of African peace support operations. The extent to which the EU member states take an active or passive stance towards the partnership has proved to be an issue of key concern for the implementation of these initiatives and others. This challenge stems from uncertainties about the institutional set-up of the partnership, as well as a general lack of awareness, commitment and capacities. Similar problems on the African side further hamper the implementation of the Action Plan. The report highlights issues to be followed by Sweden ahead of and during its Presidency. Preparedness is needed to answer to those peace and security initiatives that already have a set implementtation roadmap. At the same time, it is also important for Sweden to use windows of opportunities du8ring the Presidency, e.g. profiling peace and security issues that are of specific Swedish concern.