Abandoning Frontline Trenches? Capabilities for Peace and Security in the SADC Region


  • Markus Derblom
  • Cecilia Hull

Publish date: 2009-06-26

Report number: FOI-R--2768--SE

Pages: 101

Written in: English


  • SADC Organ
  • Regional Economic Communities
  • REC
  • SADC Standby Force
  • African Standby Force (ASF)
  • Frontline States
  • Southern Africa
  • Africa
  • Peace and Security
  • Liberation Movements
  • AU


The Southern African Development Commubnity (SADC) is an important actor within the area of peace and security bioth in southern Africa and on the African continent as a whole, acting through its Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Co-operation. This report outlines SADCs organisational structure and the history and background of the organisation. It also explains the political dynamics existing in rthe region, guiding SADCs policy and actions, and analyses how this dynamic affects the pre-conditions for peace and security in the region, as well as the construction of the African Peace and Security Architecture. In addition, the report also explores the potential for support from external donors to SADC political and security structures, seeking to inform discussions about such partnerships.

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