User Guide LKS Technology and methods


  • Lars Tydén
  • Per Brännström
  • Hanna Andersson
  • Chrsiter Lundstedt
  • Magdalena Hammervik
  • Peter Klum
  • Torbjörn Härje
  • Ragnar Hammarqvist
  • Linus Hilding
  • Fredrik Mörnestedt

Publish date: 2009-12-31

Report number: FOI-R--2842--SE

Pages: 73

Written in: Swedish


  • LKS
  • Simulation
  • Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • CNO
  • HLA
  • Federation
  • Communication
  • EWSim.


The report describes the demonstrator C2 Warfare Simulator (LKS) and the use of the technical platform from a role-based perspective. The fundamental objective of the demonstrator has been, and is, to gradually develop the knowledge and skills that can provide good support for future development and adjustment of the conductivity in electronic warfare and computer network operations. In LKS one of the overall aims is to demonstrate the effects on leadership of the war consisting of electronic warfare (EW) and CNO (Computer Network Operations). The technical platform consists in general of three parts scenario configuration, dynamic simulation models, and logging and analysis. The design is made so that different platforms (e.g. tanks and helicopters) are configured with different components (e.g. sensors and weapons). The simulation of the different platforms is distributed over a network. The simulation platform is a HLA federation (High Level Architecture) according to standard IEEE 1516th. The User Guide assumes the roles typically found in an experiment with LKS and describes what they need to know in their roles.