Projekt Doftbild år 2005-2009. Slutrapport


  • Rose-Marie Karlsson
  • Erik Holmgren
  • Mona Brantlind
  • Stefan Ek

Publish date: 2010-10-01

Report number: FOI-R--2869--SE

Pages: 39

Written in: Swedish


  • Odour signature
  • explosives
  • analysis
  • extraction


This report describes the Odour Signature Project, which has been running during the years 2005-2009. Since this is the final report of the project, even the activities during the years 2005-2008 has been described in short. There has been a noticeable increase of interest concerning knowledge about the odour signature from military explosives. This year the focus has been on validating the new extraction method for explosives. The method has been proved to work for HMX, RDX, PETN and tetryl as well as for TNT and related compounds. It is less work intensive than the present method for TNT, which makes it more facile and faster. The analysis of one sample takes 10 minutes. The use of isotope marked TNT has resulted in an increased quality control of the explosives analysis. The new method can handle samples containing trace amounts of explosives (picogram) up to very high concentrations. The project has created new cooperation's and synergy effects, which has resulted in added value for the Swedish Armed Forces.

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