Livscykel analys av Galix 13 F1A och Green Galix


  • Joakim Hägvall
  • Rolf Tryman

Publish date: 2010-06-17

Report number: FOI-R--2965--SE

Pages: 52

Written in: Swedish


  • LCA
  • Environment
  • munitions
  • Galix 13


This is the final Swedish report of a three year cooperation project with France. The project purpose has been to investigate whether it is possible to use life cycle methodology to improve the environmental performance of munitions. For this purpose the smoke munitions Galix 13 F1A was chosen. The Swedish part of this project was to perform life cycle assessment of the munitions which would generate critical factors for the munitions environmental performance. From these factors the French part would make a new munitions design (called Green Galix). Sweden would then evaluate the new design to find out whether the environmental performance actually had increased. The assessment shows that the new design has improved the environmental performance about 50%. This has partly been achieved by small material changes and reductions, but the improvement comes mainly from the general design. The idea of the design is to minimize the environmental impact. This means that the munitions are made to come apart which makes it easy to reuse. This also extends the life of the munitions from 8 years to 16 years.