Strategic outlook 2010


  • Madelene Lindström
  • Niklas Granholm

Publish date: 2010-07-02

Report number: FOI-R--2975--SE

Pages: 93

Written in: Swedish


  • Africa
  • African Union
  • Asia
  • Arctic
  • assistance
  • cyber security
  • China
  • cyber warfare
  • defence policy
  • Denmark
  • development
  • economy
  • financial crisis
  • foreign aid
  • foreign policy
  • Greenland
  • Iceland
  • Yemen
  • Middle East
  • Nordic security
  • peace support operations
  • Russia
  • security
  • Sweden


The purpose of FOI´s annual Strategic outlook is to contribute to strategic discussions in sweden. The study analysis a number of international trends and their possible consequences from both geographical and thematic perspective. The articles in this study provide and array of the important trends and international developments that will influence and change the Swedish strategic context and thus have an impact upon Swedish security policy. Overall the articles in this study indicate a strong international dynamic. The pace of change in the international field has increased over the year. The study indicates that we may be in the midst of profound strategic change. The global system is under stress and a strategic dynamic is under way could lead to systemic change. The Swedish political and administrative system thus faces several challenges. Political, economic as well as military dynamic often develop in parallel and independently of each other. Sometimes these developments interact and drive events in a different and unexpected direction. In order to meet these challenges, Sweden has to analyse a great number of subject areas and their different combinations. With limited resources, Sweden must adapt and stand prepared to act independently or in coalition. Challenges may have to be faced at short notice. The study is a contribution to better understand what those challenges may be.