Sectioning of camps - parametric study


  • Mats Hartmann
  • Pernilla Magnusson

Publish date: 2010-12-17

Report number: FOI-R--3103--SE

Pages: 157

Written in: Swedish


  • camp
  • compound
  • assessment
  • fragmenting shell
  • artillery
  • mortar
  • hit probability


A parametric study of the protection effects from low walls on a camp has been performed in order to support one of the Swedish Armed Force's study groups. The protection effects of the walls are assessed based on the simulation results where a simple camp area is attacked with 120 mm or 155 mm fragmenting shells. A number of soldiers are distributed over the camp area and the probability that these solders are hit or injured in cases with and without the walls gives the effectiveness of the walls. Different burst heights are also considered. The results agree with what can be assumed without running the simulations. Low walls give a significant protection from fragments from shells with impact fuze. The effectiveness of the walls decreases as the burst height increases.