OECD/DAC riktlinjer för utvärdering av fredsfrämjande verksamhet: Erfarenheter från utvärdering av PRT Mazar-e-Sharif


  • Claes Nilsson
  • Markus Derblom

Publish date: 2011-09-16

Report number: FOI-R--3206--SE

Pages: 41

Written in: Swedish


  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • methods for evaluation
  • OECD guidelines
  • OECD/DAC Guidance on evaluating conflict prevention and peacebuilding activiities
  • CPPB


An important step in developing methods for monitoring and evaluation is to apply available methods to real life evaluations. In 2009 FOI was given the task of evaluating Sweden's military engagement in Afghanistan using inter alia OECD/DAC's guidelines for evaluating conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities (CPPB). This report discusses and analyses the experience of using this method for evaluating military peace support engagements in complex conflict environments. The evaluation team found the OECD criteria highly useful when conducting the evaluation, in particular in relation to identifying issues of relevance to the evaluation but also to function as a check-list to prevent neglecting other important areas. In general, the OECD method seems applicable to evaluations of both civilian and military peace activities.