Utvärdering av Försvarsmaktens materielförsörjningsstrategi


  • Mattias Axelson
  • Maria Adenfelt
  • Ulf Jonsson
  • Martin Lundmark

Publish date: 2011-06-27

Report number: FOI-R--3209--SE

Pages: 46

Written in: Swedish


  • defence materiel acquisition
  • strategy


This report presents the results from an evaluation of the strategy for the defence materiel acquisition (MFS), - a joint strategy between the The Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, adopted in 2007. The purpose of the evaluation was to estimate to what degree the MFS is realized and to suggest how implementation can be improved. The study was initiated by Samverkansforum with the Swedish Armed Forces as the formal customer. The evaluation of the MFS was carried out as three interdependent studies; an organization analysis, analysis of key performance indicators and an analysis of external factors. The overall conclusion drawn from the evaluation is that the strategy is realized to a limited extent. The explanations thereto are threefold; undefined performance objectives, insufficient implementation of the MFS in the organizations and the possible impact of the Government Bill (2008/09:140) "A functional defence" as a parallel tool of governance. Suggested areas for improved application of the MFS are:  To strengthen the governance as a means to support the realization of the MFS  To establish means that reinforce the methods of the MFS  To improve the collaboration between the authorities  To develop and implement guidelines for systematic evaluation of the strategy The report concludes by suggesting four direct actions in relation to the four identified areas for improvement. These four direct actions are: 1) To define the performance objectives, 2) To realize Life Cycle Costing, 3) To create platforms for cooperation between the authorities, 4) To realise the suggested changes in pilot projects.

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