Mikrovågssystem för 3D-markspaning - Sammanfattning och tillämpningar


  • Per Grahn
  • Anders Nelander
  • Andreas Gustafsson

Publish date: 2011-12-31

Report number: FOI-R--3322--SE

Pages: 33

Written in: Swedish


  • 3D-SAR
  • MIMO
  • sparse
  • phased arrays
  • multifunction
  • AESA
  • PESA
  • UAV
  • energy
  • starved
  • compact
  • urban environments
  • international missions
  • radar
  • sensors


Which new capabilities does 3D imaging and multifunctional radar give in terms of localisation, classification and weapon effects analysis regarding ground targets in difficult environments? This is the general question the project Microwave systems for 3D ground surveillance deals with. The period for the project has been 2009-2011 and is has studied the area from several different angles with the aim set to studies of the capabilities of vertical 3D-SAR and multifunctional radar sensors. The sensors in mind are expected to meet the demands set by for example troops in international missions where operations in urban environments are common. 3D-SAR helps to make the information gathering easier and increases the update speed of the situation awareness, while flexible multifunctional systems with all-weather capacity is an attractive alternative when the amount of sensors the forces can bring from Sweden is limited. The use of multifunctional sensors, we believe, is especially attractive for platforms with very limited space, payload and power availability. The project cofinance several other projects, which have contributed to a significant added value to the project in terms of an added work effort to the project, but also an increase in the networking area and insight in the projects that are cofinanced. This helps us to keep and increase our competence in the areas we operate in. There are also examples where software or hardware costs can be shared or even received for free.