Comprehensive Approach i nederländska multifunktionella insatser


  • Anna Weibull

Publish date: 2011-12-30

Report number: FOI-R--3359--SE

Pages: 58

Written in: Swedish


  • The Netherlands
  • Comprehensive Approach
  • 3D
  • multifunctional operations
  • command and control


The Netherlands is generally regarded as one of the countries where the Comprehensive Approach-concept in multifunctional operations has been thoroughly implemented. This report maps the development of the concept in the Netherlands and how it is used today. The report describes which effect this development has had on the Dutch ability to conduct multifunctional operations. The report presents tools, organisational as well as financial, which have been developed to facilitate a Comprehensive Approach, together with adapted processes and a model for comprehensive planning and execution. Furthermore, the report describes how the Netherlands regards the Comprehensive Approach today and how the emergence of this concept has affected military and multifunctional command and control. The report finds that the Netherlands has a very broad understanding of Comprehensive Approach and regards it as a tool for managing any complex situation or conflict in which many actors are involved. The development of a Comprehensive Approach is generally considered to have strengthened the Dutch ability to carry out multifunctional operations. The model for comprehensive planning, Comprehensive Decision Making Process, seems to have enabled integration between different actors and between different organisational levels. By studying the Dutch experiences, lessons can be drawn related to how to promote the development of a Comprehensive Approach. This report is intended to contribute to such learning for the Swedish Armed Forces and other relevant actors.

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