Försvarsmaktens ekonomimodell i modellbaserat målsättningsarbete


  • Anna Sparf
  • Ulf Jonsson
  • Jens Lusua
  • Thomas Sundmark

Publish date: 2011-12-31

Report number: FOI-R--3377--SE

Pages: 40

Written in: Swedish


  • Swedish Armed Forces economy model
  • FEM
  • Economical
  • traceability


This project has studied how to relate the Swedish armed forces economy model with the architecture framework MODAFT to enhance support for economical traceability and realizability for future military units. A proposal of how to relate the military unit terms in the Swedish armed forces economy model with MODAF is presented in the form of several models that show how the relevant MODAF elements need to be modified. In addition, three new MODAF views are proposed that present economical information according to the two cost levels in the economy model and one additional view that presents the sum of costs for the seven main categories of the economy model. The proposal has been developed with the support of a prototype created in a MODAF modeling tool. The conclusion is that, given some restrictions, it is possible to connect the Swedish armed forces economy model with MODAF and thus enhance the economical traceability in military unit objective and requirements specifications.