Visual data interaction in model-based capability


  • Pär-Anders Albinsson
  • Björn Lindahl

Publish date: 2011-12-31

Report number: FOI-R--3380--SE

Pages: 51

Written in: Swedish


  • Information visualization
  • NATO task list
  • model-based capability
  • development
  • equipment plan


The project "Presentation of and interaction with models" aims at supporting the Swedish Armed Forces initiative to switch to a model-based capability development process. With this transition, larger amounts of structured information will be available and therefore higher demands will be put on new ways of presenting and interacting with these large sets of information. The project has developed prototypes to exemplify how information visualization and interaction techniques can support the work involved in model-based capability development. Two cases have been chosen as a context for the prototypes: analysis of the materiel plan and analysis of relations between NATO requirements and Swedish military units. The report describes the prototypes and their underlying information models and illustrates their potential use by step-by-step screenshots.