Russian Nuclear Doctrine 2010, formulation and driving forces


  • Fredrik Westerlund

Publish date: 2012-02-08

Report number: FOI-R--3397--SE

Pages: 89

Written in: Swedish


  • Nuclear doctrine
  • Russia
  • strategic and tactical (substrategic) nuclear
  • weapons
  • official documents
  • security policy
  • foreign policy
  • defence policy
  • domestic policy
  • driving forces


This report contains an analysis of the Russian nuclear doctrine of the early years of the third millennia. It describes the role of strategic and tactical (substrategic) nuclear weapons in in Russian security, foreign, defence and domestic policy, as well as the development trends and the internal and external driving forces of Russian nuclear doctrine. Openly available Russian official documents have served as the point of departure for the analysis, providing the declared nuclear doctrine. This has been compared and contrasted to the actual Russian nuclear doctrine, assessed from other open sources. Finally, the differences between the declared and the actual nuclear doctrine are discussed as well as why official documents are an important source to Russian nuclear doctrine.