Conditions for Intervention in Northern Mali


  • Magdalena Tham Lindell

Publish date: 2012-12-31

Report number: FOI-R--3506--SE

Pages: 62

Written in: Swedish


  • Africa
  • African security
  • Sahel
  • Mali
  • AU
  • African Union
  • EU
  • European Union
  • UN
  • United Nations
  • AQIM
  • military intervention
  • Peace Support Operation


The purpose of this study is to analyse the political and military conditions for military intervention in northern Mali during the forthcoming months. The analysis addresses the following research questions: * Which are the current challenges to peace and security in Mali? * Which are the main solutions that are discussed and planned? * What does ECOWAS' planning for military intervention look like? * What possibilities do ECOWAS have to deploy a peace support operation to Mali? * What are the possibilities for the European Union to support the Malian army in terms of capacity building?