The use of VBS2 in the Swedish Armed Forces


  • Per-Anders Oskarsson
  • Henrik Allberg
  • Staffan Nählinder
  • Johan Hedström

Publish date: 2012-12-21

Report number: FOI-R--3541--SE

Pages: 33

Written in: Swedish


  • Computer game
  • military training
  • VBS2
  • after action review


The purpose of this report is to describe and analyze the use of VBS2 for training within the Swedish Armed Forces, as well as potential functions and evaluation opportunities that may be missing. VBS2 is currently used by the Swedish Armed Forces for training at the Army Land Warfare Centre (LWC), the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (SWEDINT), Logistic Regiment (TrängR) and The National Home Guard Combat School (HvSS). Knowledge about how these units use VBS2 was gained by collecting information from officers and technicians in charge of VBS2-training within these units. Additionally, visits were made to all training facilities except HvSS. The visits at TrängR and Swedint were made during VBS2- training at the units, which provided insight into how VBS2-training is performed. The results show that the units mainly use VBS2 for training of lower level commanders and squad leaders on tactics, orders and communication. The realism of VBS2 is good enough for this training purpose and the training is perceived as effective. Although VBS2 is not well adapted for training of soldiers' individual tasks; it provides a good environment for training of team communication and cooperation. VBS2 is generally suitable for mass training since it is cost effective compared to field training. Further, playback in VBS2 provides valuable support for After Action Review. Technical support and instructors are necessary for efficient VBS2-training. Use of VBS2 for training of GSS/T (temporarily employed soldiers) in their homes is considered possible on the condition that the soldiers are provided with equipment, scheduled time, and support from their unit's instructors. As a background, the report provides examples, mainly from US units, of how military units use VBS2 for training. The report also provides some examples of use of VBS2 for research purposes.