Metod för kravställning av FM Ledningssystem


  • Johan Fransson
  • Joachim Hansson
  • Peter Nilsson
  • Nina Lewau
  • Thomas Sundmark, f d FOI
  • Annie Pilemalm

Publish date: 2012-12-28

Report number: FOI-R--3546--SE

Pages: 138

Written in: Swedish


  • Requirements engineering
  • command and control systems
  • systems development
  • method
  • FMLS


The Swedish Armed Forces is an extensive organization conducting far-reaching activity. In order to achieve desired effects, it is vital that this activity is controlled and supported by methods, humans and technology. A crucial factor for achieving such efficiency would be for those components - methods, humans and technology - to be analyzed and specified in a cohesive manner. This report describes a method for developing user requirements definitions for command and control systems in the Swedish Armed Forces. The aim of the method is to support a coordinated, integrated and holistic development of the components above - this in fact being a condition for the Swedish Armed Forces to successfully develop the right system, at the right time and to the right cost. The method consists of four parts: (1) Swedish Armed Forces command and control systems concept description, (2) Methods library, (3) Guidelines to modeling command and control systems and (4) Domain model. These four parts together form the necessary tools for achieving successful analysis and specification of command and control systems in the Swedish Armed Forces. The method serves as foundation for an upcoming manual for performing requirements work of command and control systems in the Swedish Armed Forces, which aims to supporting the Swedish Armed Forces in conducting requirements work within the field of command and control systems. The method contains development activities where command and control systems and their technical products gradually are being specified and documented in command and control systems user requirements definition and in user requirements definition for technical products.