Generation of terrain models and target library for sensor assessment


  • Fredrik Näsström
  • Jonas Allvar
  • Jimmy Berggren
  • Johan Hedström
  • Andreas Persson

Publish date: 2013-08-21

Report number: FOI-R--3683--SE

Pages: 33

Written in: Swedish


  • terrain models
  • target library
  • simulation
  • modeling
  • assessment


In order to perform accurate assessment of sensor systems with simulation based methods, high quality simulations of sensor systems are required. The task for the SIMSENS project (Simulation based sensor system assessment) is to develop a modular sensor system simulation program that can simulate sensor systems in various environments, weather conditions and time periods. The simulation tool that is further developed is the MSSLab (MultiSensorSimulationLab). Accurate simulations of sensor data require that all simulation models e.g. terrain models, target object, material classification, scene simulation and sensor models are of high quality. This report describes the work with terrain models and target library that has been done in the project. In MSSLab sensor systems can now be simulated in the terrain models Kvarn, Norrköping and Middle East. A very important work has been to develop an automated methodology for automatic material classification of terrain models. The developed methodology has been used to classify the material of the three terrain models. It is also very important that the object models are of high quality. A target library of various objects and people has therefore been further developed. In order to enable simulations of sensor data with animated persons, HLAS (High-Level Animation System) has been further developed with new behaviors for animated people.