Förändrad amerikansk närvaro i Europa? Ett säkerhetspolitiskt perspektiv på förändrad traditionell amerikansk militär närvaro


  • Niklas Rossbach

Publish date: 2014-02-27

Report number: FOI-R--3815--SE

Pages: 71

Written in: Swedish


  • the US
  • Europe
  • transatlantic relations
  • the Obama-administration
  • rebalancing
  • Nato
  • the EU
  • the QDR
  • brigade combat teams
  • rotations
  • defence budget
  • off-shore balancing
  • coalitions of the willing
  • burden sharing
  • sequestration
  • hollow forces


Questions regarding the US commitment to Europe have returned in the wake of the US policy of rebalancing to Asia, the withdrawal of heavy ground forces from Europe, and cuts in the defence budget. While these actions are not necessarily connected they may all contribute to changes in the American military presence in Europe. The policy decisions mentioned above involve a range of different issues, which indicates that it is necessary to look at the US military commitment within a broader transatlantic context. The recent economic crisis may have the same impact on the US commitment to Europe as the end of the cold war. However, the effects of new strategic directions and changes in the defence budget might only materialize after some time. Hence, this analysis looks at both developments in the short term, little more than a year, as well as changes within a longer time span, of three to five years. This report demonstrates how the conflict between US strategic interests and fewer resources, including unexpected cuts to the defence budget, influence the US commitment to Europe. For example the report shows how US retrenchment may have an impact on European security. The report analyses the logic behind the US rebalancing to Asia and what it suggests in regard to the American view of transatlantic relations. Furthermore, the report assesses which American interests sustain the country's involvement in Nato and if US strategic documents - like the QDR - demonstrate increasing economic predicaments. The report also studies how plans for rotations of brigade combat teams to Europe are developing. It also analyses how cuts in defence expenditure can hamper all American strategies and planning and how the cuts can impact on the US military presence in Europe.

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