Maritime coordination exercise 2014: Evaluation of coordination


  • Dennis Granåsen
  • Charlotte Stenius

Publish date: 2015-05-06

Report number: FOI-R--4069--SE

Pages: 63

Written in: Swedish


  • agency
  • command and control
  • coordination
  • evaluation
  • exercise


The Maritime Coordination Exercise 2014 was performed week 448 at Berga naval base. For four days the Swedish Customs, Armed Forces, Coast Guard and Police participated in a series of exercises dealing with hazardous materials. The exercise scenario was based on assessed antagonistic threats causing the Police and the Customs to take charge of the operations as opposed to the Rescue Services. During the exercise week the participating organizations' ability to coordinate across authority boundaries was investigted. The resulting analysis is based on triangulation between questionnaires, observer reports, and dialoge through after-action reviews. The collective conclusion is that the participating organizations have solved their tasks satisfactory. The number one lesson from this week is that coordination breeds coordination, and it breeds quickly! Already during the first day of exercising a huge difference was observed when during the later hours personell were more inclined to iniate contact and exchange experiences with counterparts from the other organizations, both concering the practiced scenario, and general experiences and work practice. This development was continuously enhanced during the week, culminating in the final exerise. This observed will and comittment lays an important foundation for future coordination at the operational level. However, there are still a large number of questions to answer when it comes to higher authority, such as division of labour, costs, and responsibility, and the desired coordination mode.