Host Nation Support during times of raised preparedness


  • Maria Lagerström
  • Anders Noren

Publish date: 2016-02-08

Report number: FOI-R--4198--SE

Pages: 34

Written in: Swedish


  • Host Nation Support
  • international reinforcement resources
  • civil defense
  • raised preparedness


The purpose of this report is to, on behalf of MSB, contribute to the development of civil defense by highlighting what Host Nation Support is, what it could mean for the actors within the civil defense in times of raised preparedness, and how this capacity could be developed or studied further. Sweden should be able to give and receive civil and military support. Host Nation Support are the practical preparations for support to international actors acting on Swedish territory. These preparations may include for example development of a national plan and customizations of laws. It remains unclear what other types of preparations that are linked to the ability to provide Host Nation Support, and it is not clear how practical preparations differ from other preparations. The Swedish government's definition of Host Nation Support is similar to the one NATO has adopted. EU:s definition differs in several aspects from NATO and the Swedish government´s definition. Provision of civil support to foreign military actors may be a task for actors within the Swedish civil defense, providing that these actors support protection of the civil population, ensure functions in society, or contribute to the Armed Forces' capability. To provide assistance to foreign military actors engaged in exercise, transiting or operations that does not contribute to Swedish defense efforts will not fit within the goals for the civil defense. Provision of support to foreign civilian actors may be a task for actors within the civil defense, but it is not clear why or how this would differ from the tasks or need for Host Nation Support in peace and during peacetime crises management. None of the interviewees has conducted any planning or preparations for provision of Host Nation Support during heightened preparedness. The experiences of Host Nation Support in management of major crises show that there is a great need for direction and guidance from the government and MSB. Interviewees' seek guidance regarding who is responsible in requesting international support and regarding who is responsible for providing Host Nation Support, particularly during the operational phase of a crisis. The actors also request a comprehensive knowledge of the national and international resources available. There is also uncertainty regarding the request for international assistance and how Host Nation Support is to be financed.