Erfarenheter från Försvarskonceptstudien 2014


  • Örjan Sundblad
  • Åke Wiss

Publish date: 2016-02-04

Report number: FOI-R--4199--SE

Pages: 6

Written in: Swedish


  • Long Term Defence Planning
  • LTDP
  • method
  • system analysis
  • long term studies
  • operation research
  • OR


defense concept study shall according to the Armed Forces study and concept development plan correspond to a Long Term Defence Planning study during the years such is not implemented. The task of a defense Concept study is to provide the framework for other long-term studies, mainly arena and main studies. A defense concept study was conducted for the first time in 2014. The design was based mainly on experience from working with the Long Term Defence Planning study in 2013. The present report analyzes both the overall approach and the completed game and analyses activities at the defense concept study in 2014. The defense concept study in 2014 was not explicitly planned according to the Swedish Armed Forces handbook in study methodology prescribed systems analysis (SA) scheme. Though, it is still possible to identify the steps in the SAscheme. The presentation of the method is therefore based on the different steps in the SA-scheme. Since the study was stopped due to lack of resources in the summer of 2014, only some of the original tasks were solved. The report thus exhibits a discrepancy between activities planned and implemented activities. The report draws conclusions that are valid not only for defense concept studies. It is important to early: ? Identify strategic choices or decision situations. These will then be the focus of the knowledge-building process of the study. ? Setting requirements and provide the conditions for the underlying studies. It takes time to prepare the ground. Lack of common input values could lead to outcomes that are not comparable and thus loses value. ? Identify areas of specialization. These form an important foundation for the knowledge-building process. In addition, methods must be allowed to be developed and tested.

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