Validering av operativt beslutsstöd för prioritering av resurser


  • Magdalena Granåsen
  • Charlotte Stenius

Publish date: 2017-02-06

Report number: FOI-R--4385--SE

Pages: 37

Written in: Swedish


  • Decision support method
  • decision making
  • collaboration
  • prioritization


The report describes the method and results of the validation of a decision support method for prioritizing resources. The method, which is developed by the Swedish Contingencies Agency (MSB), is designed to guide decision makers in understanding a time critical situation and allocate resources accordingly. It should function side-byside with other methods and in different threat levels. The decision support method is composed of five stages. Within each stage, the analysis can be accomplished to different depth. The validation was based on a draft of the method and aimed to identify improvement needs for the different stages. Five groups of end users from the target audience participated in the study, representing county and municipal administrative boards, care and welfare, police and emergency service. Each validation session began with training and education on the method, followed by a scenario based tactical decision game and finally a structured group discussion. The data collection included surveys, observations and documentation during decision game and documentation of group discussion. The results were to a large extent unanimous between the groups. A decision support method can help to structure the work process and increase traceability of the decision. The participants stated that the method may aid in promoting different perspectives, facilitating more informed decisions. There is a need to work on the clarity and simplicity of the method and the terms used, and look into the logic between the different process stages. A documentation template would simplify both documentation and increase the understanding for what is to be accomplished within the different stages.