Stötvågsbelastning mot kabelgenomföringar


  • Roger Berglund
  • Tobias Carlberg
  • Björn Gregorsson

Publish date: 2018-01-18

Report number: FOI-R--4510--SE

Pages: 67

Written in: Swedish


  • Shock Tube
  • Cable transits
  • Blast load


FOI has been commissioned by the Swedish Fortifications Agency to perform a series of blast load tests with short and long term duration against various cable transits from the suppliers MCT-Brattberg and ROXTEC. The transits were installed with different configurations of cabling and pipes and in some tests with only the transits. The installation of the transits were carried out by an external contractor with extensive experience in this type of installations. Each cable transit was mounted on the pressure side and in some cases also on the backside of the test object. Leakage control and possible leakage measurement of the intermediate volume was carried out before and after each test on the transits that had seals on both pressure- and backside. The results of the measurements of the leakage of the respective cable transit is presented in this report. The tests were carried out in FOI's Shock Tube IV, located at Botele Udd Märsta, in the winter of 2016 and during the spring of 2017.