Terrain Analysis for Simulation Applications - final report


  • Peter Follo
  • Johan Hedström
  • Gustav Tolt

Publish date: 2018-02-20

Report number: FOI-R--4537--SE

Pages: 34

Written in: Swedish


  • Terrain analysis
  • simulations
  • geographical information
  • 3D models
  • path planning
  • firing positions


This report summarizes the activities within the project Terrain Analysis for Simulation Applications 2015-2017 and describes the results achieved in relation to the project's research questions. The purpose of the project has been to show how taking possibilities and limitations of the terrain into account to a higher degree can improve the quality of simulation of military units on lower levels (vehicles - platoon level). The main results can be summarize as follows: Algorithms for automatic path planning and detection of interest points in the terrain; A further developed, robust and user-friendly terrain analysis software library (Geo Analyst Library) that is currently used in a number of projects at FOI; Increased knowledge about the benefits of more detailed geographical data in military contexts; Increased knowledge about the possibilities and limitations of existing frameworks for simulation-based exercise and training. A value of automatic techniques for terrain analysis, such as path planning and detection of firing positions is that they reduce the need for detailed scripting of scenarios and support staff playing own and enemy units during the exercise. That frees up resources and gives better possibilities to focus on analyses on a higher-level and more complex scenarios. Terrain analysis tools can also be used when preparing scenarios to estimate timing of events and create a preparedness for different courses of action. The project has shown that it is possible to make terrain analysis algorithms that take several fundamental aspects into account at the same time when choosing movement paths and observation points. This has been confirmed through regular contacts with and demonstrations for military subject matter experts.