CBRNE capability development: Methodology for designing education, training and exercises


  • Mirko Thorstensson
  • Johan Nordström
  • Jiri Trnka
  • Helena Granlund

Publish date: 2018-06-25

Report number: FOI-R--4588--SE

Pages: 99

Written in: Swedish


  • fire & rescue service
  • response personnel
  • competence
  • skills
  • education
  • training
  • exercise
  • Reconstruction and Exploration Approach


In case of CBRNE-events, response personnel may face a number of different issues that need to be addressed to meet the overall need for assistance and help. The problems that the response personnel may face, in case of a CBRNE-event, may be unforeseen, difficult to identify or difficult to assess in terms of its extent. Due to these circumstances the regular education, training and exercises carried out by response personnel need to develop all the task-oriented, ideological, normative and developmental skills required to meet the demands of a CBRNEevent. The purpose of the methodology is to support the development of the response personnel's various sub-competencies through adaptive and developmental learning focused on the CBRNE area. The methodology describes how ? education, training and exercises can be combined to achieve effective competence development. ? evidence-based decision support can be used to increase realistic experiences when exercises are carried out. ? exercise cards and instructor cards can be used to enhance the quality of table top exercises. ? After Action Review can be used in combination with the Reconstruction and Exploration Approach to effectively utilize experiences from exercises and, in turn, more effectively develop the response personnel's skills.