Nordic operational defense cooperation - Current Status and Future Development


  • Johan Engvall
  • Eva Hagström Frisell
  • Madelene Lindström

Publish date: 2018-10-05

Report number: FOI-R--4628--SE

Pages: 95

Written in: Swedish


  • Arctic Challenge Exercise (ACE)
  • Alternate landing base concept (ALB)
  • Air Situation Data Exchange (ASDE)
  • Cross Border Training (CBT)
  • defence cooperation
  • Denmark
  • Easy Access
  • exercises
  • Finland
  • Finnish Swedish Defence Cooperation (FISE)
  • military capability
  • Nato
  • Nordefco
  • Nordic cooperation
  • Nordic Enhanced Cooperation Air Surveillance (NORECAS)
  • Nordic Cooperation on Tactical Air Transport (NORTAT)
  • Norway
  • security and defence policy
  • Swedish Finnish Naval Task Group (SFNTG)
  • Sea Surveillance Cooperation Baltic Sea (SUCBAS)
  • Sea Surveillance Cooperation Finland Sweden (SUCFIS)
  • Swedish Finnish Amphibious Task Unit (Swe-Fin ATU)


This study examines Nordic defence cooperation with a particular focus on activities that have the potential to contribute to increased operational capability. By charting the expanding cooperative efforts - on an overarching level as well as within each of the three military branches - it identifies five areas of significance: 1) established contacts and secure communications; 2) easy access to each other's air, sea and land territories as well as alternate landing bases; 3) common training and exercises; 4) surveillance information exchange; and 5) combined action and combined forces. The study analyses how collaboration in these areas increases the operational capability of the Nordic countries and discusses the potential for further development. Ultimately, however, the difference in military affiliation of the Nordic countries means that Nordic defence cooperation remains limited to peacetime conditions.