Personal för ett nytt civilt försvar - Förutsättningar, problem och möjligheter


  • Per Larsson
  • Christoffer Wedebrand
  • Carl Denward

Publish date: 2018-12-20

Report number: FOI-R--4675--SE

Pages: 115

Written in: Swedish


  • civil defence
  • personnel planning
  • civil defence duty
  • total defence
  • planning vacuum
  • civil protection


This paper is the result of project done at the request of the Government Offices of Sweden. The aim is to improve the understanding of the planning effort regarding personnel - i.e. staff resources and manpower - within Sweden's civil defence, which is a the non-military part of Sweden's whole of government approach to national defence. An extensive collection of material has been analysed within a framework which consists of two key elements. The first element focuses on the planning process regarding personnel resources, while the other includes a discussion about what parameters are necessary in a systematic planning process. The conclusion is that the forthcoming planning process regarding personnel lacks the necessary parameters to ensure systematic planning. The paper also concludes that the personnel process itself requires a careful preparation. This is because the eventual implementation of a systematic planning process regarding personnel involves a wide array of different actors, such as different government agencies and departments. The paper also includes conclusions regarding the recruitment base, which is 1) individuals affected by the civil defence duty legal framework, 2) volunteers and 3) individuals employed on an everyday basis in places which are important for societal continuity.

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