Mätning av 241Pu med LSC och alfaspektrometri


  • Henrik Ramebäck
  • Sofia Jonsson
  • Petra Lagerkvist
  • Annika Tovedal

Publish date: 2019-04-12

Report number: FOI-R--4743--SE

Pages: 17

Written in: Swedish

Research areas:

  • CBRN-frågor


  • 241Pu
  • Liquid scintillation counting
  • LSC


An alternative method to mass spectrometry for measuring 241Pu was evaluated. The method comprised the measurement of the gross alpha activity of plutonium using alpha spectrometry, and the subsequent measurement of 241Pu and the alpha emitting plutonium isotopes using liquid scintillation counting. This method is an alternative to mass spectrometry when e.g. there is no access to a mass spectrometer.