Allmänheten och totalförsvaret: resultat från en enkät utskickad hösten 2018


  • Christoffer Wedebrand

Publish date: 2019-05-10

Report number: FOI-R--4771--SE

Pages: 54

Written in: Swedish

Research areas:

  • Krisberedskap och civilt försvar


  • survey
  • general public
  • total defence
  • military defence
  • civil defence
  • psychological defence
  • crisis management


This report presents a general overview of the results from a survey conducted with the purpose of studying the Swedish public's attitudes and expected behaviours concerning situations of crisis and war. The report mirrors the structure of the survey, presenting sequentially the respondents answers within the following thematic areas: Sweden's preparedness for crisis and war, The individuals' preparedness for crisis and war as well as Expected behaviours during crisis and war. As said, presented results constitute a general overview. More extensive analyses of the material are planned for future studies.