The municipalities and the local geographic responsibility


  • Pär Eriksson
  • Per Larsson
  • Frej Welander

Publish date: 2020-01-16

Report number: FOI-R--4800--SE

Pages: 125

Written in: Swedish


  • local geographical area responsibility
  • crisis preparedness
  • civil defence
  • municipalities


This report presents the results from an explorative study concerning how Swedish municipalities perceive the concept of local geographical area responsibilities in peacetime contingencies as well as in times of heightened alert, including war. The study has focused on problems and prospects for municipalities to take on this responsibility. The study is based on interviews with 13 municipalities with different characteristics and in different parts of Sweden. In addition, representatives from County Administrative Boards, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions has been interviewed. The report also discusses the background and original intentions of the local geographical area responsibility. The primary purpose of this study, which was commissioned to FOI by the Swedish Ministry of Justice, is to provide input to the Government Offices as a basis for their direction of the process of developing the local crisis management capability and the local civil defence. The report should furthermore be of interest to those working with crisis management and civil defence in municipalities, County Administrative Boards and national agencies.