Sector Responsibility and Energy Preparedness


  • Carl Denward
  • Bengt Johansson
  • Daniel Jonsson
  • Per Larsson

Publish date: 2019-12-10

Report number: FOI-R--4819--SE

Pages: 61

Written in: Swedish


  • sector responsibility structure
  • total defence
  • civil defence
  • preparedness
  • capability
  • governmental bodies and authorities
  • energy
  • fuels
  • method
  • working model


Due to the reactivation of the total defence planning efforts, Swedish governmental bodies and various actors within the public sphere are required to increase their efforts concerning their respective preparedness responsibilities. This has highlighted the importance of the Swedish so-called sector responsibility structure, which concerns a number of central governmental bodies and authorities. In turn, this report includes a normative discussion on the concept and key components of the sector responsibility structure, based on the specific case of the energy sector preparedness. Following the energy sector case, the report proposes a sector generic working model, which focuses on the sector responsibility's inner content and surrounding framework, in favour of proposing which preparedness actors who are to fill what responsibilities. The model subsequently rests on five steps, namely to: 1) establish a sector understanding; 2) establish a set of preparedness requirements; 3) propose a system of sector capabilities; 4) propose the sector responsibility content; 5) convey and discuss the proposed content in dialogue with policy makers and the Swedish Governmental offices. The report concludes that the central governmental bodies themselves are probably the actors with the best possibilities to formulate their respective sector responsibility proposals in order to connect the sector responsibility content with a credible sector capability system.