Russia's National Health Care Project: A Case Studie of the Power Vertical


  • Maria Engqvist

Publish date: 2020-12-15

Report number: FOI-R--4965--SE

Pages: 45

Written in: Swedish


  • Russia
  • domestic policy
  • social policy
  • national projects
  • health care
  • public health


This report shows how Russia's National Projects are structured. A case study of the National Project "Health Care" highlights how a specific policy implement-tation process might look in the Russian Civil Service - a system that has been subjected to centralisation by the Russian Government during the past twenty years. The study finds that despite large budget allocations and hierarchical decision-making procedures, there were both legal and practical obstacles that stalled the first cycles of implementation of the Health Care project. Nevertheless, the project has contributed to improvements in the Russian healthcare sector in some regions. However, many of the goals set out have not been met in time. This is due to a highly asymmetric relationship between Moscow and Russia's regions, as well as that between the Russian state and the country's business sector.