Ryssland i rymddomänen: Från Sputnik till sanktioner - Ett försvars- och säkerhetsperspektiv


  • Kristofer Hallgren
  • Jonatan Westman
  • Anna Maria Wårlind

Publish date: 2022-12-13

Report number: FOI-R--5340--SE

Pages: 206

Written in: Swedish

Research areas:

  • Flygsystem- och rymdfrågor


  • actor
  • actor assessment
  • Artemis
  • Brazil
  • China
  • communications
  • corruption
  • defense
  • Early Warning
  • Earth Observation
  • Europe
  • gender equality
  • gender perspective
  • Georgia
  • governance
  • ground station
  • human capital
  • identity
  • ILRS
  • India
  • Iran
  • launcher
  • launch site
  • launch vehicle
  • military
  • military doctrine
  • navigation
  • positioning
  • reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Roscosmos
  • Russia
  • sanctions
  • satellite
  • security
  • security policy
  • space
  • space control
  • space denying capability
  • space domain
  • space law
  • space policy
  • space power
  • spacepower space program
  • space segment
  • space sector
  • space situational awareness
  • SSA
  • space technology
  • space traffic management
  • STM
  • Syria
  • time indication
  • Ukraine
  • United States.


The report describes Russian military use of the space domain, focusing on issues related to defence and security. It begins with a brief history of Russian space activities and a review of developments in the Russian space sector, describing the importance of historical heritage for the Russian space program. Technical, organisational and economic conditions and ongoing developments in the space sector are examined next. An account of existing and future launchers and satellites frames the discussion about military applications. Technological developments and military applications are also analysed in the context of security and foreign policy. The report describes Russia's most significant international cooperation, with the intention to capture key components of the Russian view of the space domain and its space power ambition. Russian military use of space is described from a space power theory perspective and illustrated by case studies looking at modern conflicts in which Russia has been involved. The aim is to give the reader a comprehensive overview of Russia's status as a space power, grounded in a holistic and long-term perspective. This open source study makes it possible to look ahead and understand the conditions Russia is facing and to draw certain conclusions about Russia's future presence in the space domain and position as a space power.

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