Integration av optisk sensor i undervattensplattform för minsökning


  • Ove Steinvall
  • Andersson Marie
  • Tulldahl Michael
  • Olsson Andreas
  • Zyra Stan

Publish date: 2001-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0297--SE

Pages: 44

Written in: Swedish


This report exemplifies possibilities for minehunting, based on combined acoustical, electromagnetical and optical sensors. The systems are limited to sensor systems mounted on underwater platforms. The focus of this report is on the optical sensors and how they could be combined with acoustical and electromagnetic sensors. Different types of mines are briefly described, after which an overview of the different sensors is given. The sensor overview is based on earlier studies performed by FOI and other international organizations. Subsequently, some operational aspects from the Swedish Navy are presented. Finally, possible sensor combinations are discussed. Operational aspects from the present methods briefly provide that there is a need for increased range, improvement of classification of mines, and ability to detect buried mines. A laser-based sensor is expected to improve the classification of bottom mines. All discussed sensor combinations include a synthetic aperture sonar or a parametric sonar as the main sensor. The laser-based sensor can possibly detect signatures on the sea bottom above a buried mine, but since this is an indirect method, it is desirable to use a complementary acoustic or electromagnetic sensor in a combined sensor system. The laser-based sensor needs to be evaluated for conditions in Swedish waters and sea bottoms.

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